Mission-Vision and Basic Principles


The mission of the Federation; Developping assistance, social solidarity, cohesion and discipline between all Medical Equipment Producers, Importers And Supplier Assocıations and their members in Turkey.The Federation works to protect the rights and interests of Member Associations and Member Members of the Association, and to improve their levels of professional competence and consciousness, taking into account human health and public benefit services within the framework provided for by law.


To make a contribution to the health system and economy of the country as a principle, to create a sector that holds ethical values in front of all kinds of commercial earnings and has fully organized its organization around these purposes.


Ethical values

The Federation works to keep ethical values on all commercial gains.

The mechanisms to ensure that all activities of the Federation can be monitored, evaluated and criticized by relevant parties have to be in constant operation.At all levels the authority has an obligation to account for its actions and decisions.

Federation management does not discriminate between member associations and member firms.

Sectoral Cooperation
The member associations of the Federation and the member companies of these associations act in the sense of cooperation, solidarity and sharing.The Federation is obliged to prepare the necessary environment for the development of this cooperation.

Associations and associations member companies participate in the management processes at all levels while protecting their individual characteristics and ideals.

Community Benefit
The benefit of the society in the activities of the Federation is taken into consideration.