The message of the president

The valuable members of TÜMDEF, our esteemed colleagues, we are proud of our unity to address you from the power of the unity, the voice of the industry, TÜMDEF web page.The medical sector, which started to be formed in 1960, did not catch the awareness of civil society especially in the first years in the name of unity and cooperation.In 2004, the right to be heard by people and institutions of the sector in Turkey come together to form associations in general, unity and solidarity TÜMDEF the roof of our Medical Device Manufacturers and Suppliers Association founded the Federation.

We present our endless gratitude to all the Presidents and managers who have contributed to the realization of this formation and who have served until today. We will continue to wave the management flags that we have taken over as the TÜMDEF Board of Directors until we transfer them to ours after protecting our professional ethical values, acting on behalf of the unity, solidarity, principled, deviating from our founding principles and acting in the health sector. Feeling with you, our work, supporting the projects we have developed on behalf of the sector will be a great factor in our success. Distinguished members, we have to earn the capital, our labor, the strains in the sector of the payment system and the amount of time that we have to pay for when we have spent.

Taking all these criteria into consideration, we are obliged to perform our business in the best way without forgetting that we serve human health. We have to serve at the highest level in the healthcare sector, in a way that does not deviate from fairness, unfair competition, selling defective goods, and does not deviate from fairness.The professional principles and principles stated in our Charter are the constitution of all of us.

As the TÜMDEF Board of Directors, you know that we are here to protect your rights wherever you are right. You should not hesitate to file a written application to our Federation in order to keep track of your problems you believe to be right.

Distinguished members, circulars and regulations frequently issued by the Ministries for the health sector are closely related to the sector and us. In order to have information from these published publications, TÜMDEF published articles are the subject of your website and the events you follow.

Visit the TÜMDEF center and watch closely the works of this eminent institution you have established. Remember, you will establish this institution, and you will be the ones to live.

Best regards,

General president

Başkanın Mesajı

Kemal YAZ


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